picking up pieces

heh, for the first time in a lonnng time,
we met for park night, no pictures this time
because time was short and everyone had other places to be.
maine & li, and just laughing in the park about pussy cats

today, oversleeping and having a day out
was just nice good fun.

this girl’s finding her feet again, and is laughing at her funny toes.

nothing seems so bad, afterall.

no more sulking! no more leave-me-here-to-die-s! :)
living in the moment, today and loving it.

maybe that’s why he’s been okay, cos there’s so much work to be done
so much to worry about, so many to care for.
while i was just playing with old memories in the shadows of my room.

well. :) heh. i’ve got secrets. ;)

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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