what does one do?

what does one do when one wakes up and the world drenched in a different colour, as if some child-god took a blunt oil pastel and scribbled over everything in a mad frenzy, as if it rained over everything and all the colour seeped through?

when suddenly it feels that this same old, is not the familar, safe place you went to sleep in the night before, when everything changes and nothing quite looks the same. but you look around, and you see, the same faces, the same feet, the same tummies, the same room, the same house, the same sounds, the same smells, the same conversations, and you cant help but wonder, am i going barking mad?

a stranger displaced in one’s skin.
a stranger wearing my face and staring back at me.
a stranger took away my heart and left me one which i do not understand.

to you, heffalump:
i know its a tough time, and our hunches tell us its gonna get worse.
i know no one understands, it’s true.
i feel so much, and i am not even part of that equation.
i know your world is rocked, i know nothing ever seems familar anymore.
my world changed, your world changed, maybe we’re too freakishly linked.
i really didnt want you to be company to my misery.

thank you for letting me be half the friend you are to me,
chin up, i am right here.
love you lumpy.

ps: you ARE queueing up for potter with me on friday right.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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