hello faci babies!!

its been an amazing past few days, and i’ve been feeling so great these few days being in such amazing company these 3 days at the other end of Singapore (i live in yio chu kang!) i have truly enjoyed myself, laughing at crazy jokes, and silly boys.

 anyway, after an emotional end, i got home, just to leave again for a wake–my grand uncle passed away at the grand old age of 93. it’s okay, i really REALLY didn’t know him, its just one of those things we have to attend because our parents and everyone wants us to.

then dinner with half of the parental unit and chair at gardens.

then off to pick up the best friend and off for our much over-due cuppa, :) and laughter under the funny little umbrella admist the frogs.

hugs and kisses to all you smelly babies, you know who you are. :)


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

10 thoughts on “hello faci babies!!”

  1. HEY CECILIA ! Just wanna say I had lots of fun with you guys throughout that two days. I had never enjoyed myself so much in a workshop before, really. That story was oh-so-touching. Thanks for the effort and everything. Do takecare! God Bless! > =DD

  2. hey hello nice meetin u u are such great trainer
    dis is teh first time i enjoy a worksop so much thnx to u
    take care hope to see u soon :)

  3. Helos Cecilia..Really had a great tyme wyph eu and dher coaches..Had a wonderful learning exp.Enjoyed everything in this workshop.It was nyce working with eu trainers.Really missing eu..love eu..
    Another faci baby here!!

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